Weekend Reading List


A week goes by super fast, doesn’t it? It’s linky day of the week already! Last week’s linky weekend brought up this important issue about limiting your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals. According to Dagmar’s Momsense, There are more than 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S — and none of them have been […]

Weekend Reading List

hair coloring

This week’s winner from last week’s weekend reading list is Conscientious Confusion’s post on lower toxin hair coloring. We all seem to care about hair coloring these days, don’t we? Well, I do…especially since I am on the fence whether to cover up my grey or not. I go back and forth on this issue […]

Weekend Reading Link Up


I know at least three new moms and five more who are expecting. Yes, I hang with young mamas to keep me young. New babies make me want to have one more … for one second. And then reality smacks me in the head and yells me to wake up. Seriously, I’m happy with the […]