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Thursday March 20, 2014 9PM EST

We are kicking off the growing season with one of the best organic, heirloom seed company Grow Organic’s Peaceful Valley to help you grow food!

Join us and chat about gardening, growing food and win prizes!

Peaceful Valley is generous to offer Five (5) assorted seed packets to lucky five (5) winners



will win a set of 3 Pc. Fiskar Gardening Tool set!

RSVP below the flyer!

peacefully valley twitter chat

What you could win: One participant who RSVPs will be randomly selected among tweets between now and the 15 minutes before the end of the chat to win a set of five (5) seed packets of your CHOICE!

How to RSVP: Add your Twitter URL, Name/Twitter name and email below via the Add a Link button. NOTE: After you RSVP below, get your first prize entry by clicking here to tweet about your RSVP!

How to attend: Join in the conversation at the #peacefulvalleygsTwubs page when the chat starts, or search #peacefulvalleygs on Twitter.

Please note: by RSVPing you agree to receive an email with instructions before the chat and future Twitter Chat notifications.

RSVP Instructions:

  • Click “Add Your Link” button
  • Enter your Twitter URL ONLY in the first field for add link. If you add your blog or website URL instead, your entry will be disqualified.
  • It should pull in your Twitter avatar and your name/Twitter name for the second field. If not, enter your Twitter name.
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