Sharing is Good by Beth Buczynski

sharing is good greensisterhoodSharing economy is nothing new.

But why is it making a ‘come back’ and why is this old collaborative consumption theory the “next best thing?”

We sat down with the author Beth Buczynski of “Sharing is Good” to chat why it’s important and why it’s becoming popular. And also to talk about her new book and learn the best sources for sharing our goods and experiences.

Check out the video below. To view on YouTube, click HERE.

“Sharing is Good” is an understatement and the book highlights not just the importance of sharing but also it gives references and resources how and where to look to share. It’s the ultimate guide to finding resources for sharing platforms.

Here are some other reviews about the book.

“Sharing is Good is great! Readable and inspiring! It not only gives a good picture of the essentials of the sharing movement, it captures some of the underlying philosophy–sharing is not just about trading a few books or clothes, it’s about creating a new, exiting, inspiring culture. It’s about adventure, trust, connection, caring, social jusitic, and sustainability.” – Cecile Andrews, author, Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, and the Common Good.

“…a perfect guidebook to explore sharing tools, services, communities, life and work styles. Save money. Stress less. Live richer.” – Lisa Gansky, entrepreneur and best-selling author of The Mesh: Why the Future of Busines is Sharing.

“…sharing is a key way to address our concerns about the environment, labor, and the economy. In the face of a society obsessed with consuming, Sharing is Good is a great guide to help all of us start consuming less and sharing more.” Randy Paynter, Founder of