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This week’s winner from last week’s weekend reading list is Conscientious Confusion’s post on lower toxin hair coloring.

hair coloring

We all seem to care about hair coloring these days, don’t we?

Well, I do…especially since I am on the fence whether to cover up my grey or not. I go back and forth on this issue because hair coloring has never been my thing until recently when I noticed a few too many grey hair sticking up, screaming, my womanhood of ‘certain age’ has arrived!

While I welcome it with open arms, (especially when I’m having a hot flash…Not.) – when I see those short spiky grey strands standing straight up, I cringe. But then, I think that their being strong enough to stand up like that is a sign that I should leave them be.

Its signifies how strong women of ‘certain age’ really are. And being that today is International Day of Women, I applaud all women, with grey or pink hair.

Let’s celebrate sisters!!

international womens day

Here is this weekend’s reading list. Remember these linky rules.

1) Green or eco-friendly living related posts only.
2) No processed foods recipes.
3) Green crafting tutorials
5) No sponsored for affiliate only posts. (It’s ok to have affiliate links in the post but not a standalone sponsored or affiliate post)

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henna, henna, henna!

There are many terrific colors. I used it for years. The reddest red I could find.

The process is really messy and quite time consuming, and you smell like a hayfield for a few days, but it's great! Fades slowly, so you don't get that nasty root action after several weeks.


Still debating coloring my hair. I hate the chemicals but I love having funky colors. I did green a couple months ago and want to go purple now. :)