Eating Naked is the Only Way to Go

Naked-BabiesYes, it’s true.   Eating naked is the only real solution for decreasing toxic chemical exposure in our diets.  We’ve moved so far away from our grandparents’ farms that our children don’t even know what real food is.  Let’s make an effort to return to our roots and build healthy bodies from foods without the GMO’s, unnecessary – and often toxic – packaging, food dyes , preservatives and pesticides.

Little Changes Make Big Impacts

Toxic Food Packaging

Did you know that you can lower your BPA levels by a whopping 60% just by avoiding canned foods?  Buying fresh or frozen organic produce is a simple way to sidestep BPA in canned veggies and fruits.  But if you’re more industrious, Anna of Green Talk shows you how to can tomatoes.

And for heaven’s sake, let companies who wrap produce in plastic know that you won’t support their silliness.  Lori of Groovy Green Livin’ says we should encourage them to use safer and less wasteful packaging – that is IF they really need any packaging at all.

Sugar and Chemical-laden Soda 

Break the habit of drinking chemical and sugar-laden soda with some homemade kombucha.  Tiffany of  Nature Moms did it and swears that her fizzy, lightly sweet Kombucha is a hit with her kids.   And Jenny of Conscientious Confusion is a kombucha expert too and walks you through her own process with tips about keeping your scoby alive.

Real Food for Kids

Speaking of kids, Trina of O’Boy Organics says that cooking healthy homemade meals your kids will like doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.  Check out her weekly meal plan for some great, real food ideas and then scoot over to see Emily of Random Recycling’s insights on why kids love food on skewers and how you can take advantage of it.

GMO Frankenfoods

Jen and Joey Go Green admit that they may not always be able to buy organic or local, but they really try to choose GMO-free every chance they get.  Jen analyzed their food intake and is spending the next month locating replacements for at least 5 items on their list of everyday foods.  Keep an eye on their journey for more ideas on avoiding GMO’s.

Educating Your Family about Healthier Choices

It’s always hard to get your family on the band wagon, especially when you’re trying to “force” new food on them, right?  Well Karen of ecokaren uses the time-proven tactic of teaching Mr. Man and the Kiddos by passive means.  You know, pop some GMO-free popcorn and press play.  Movies and documentaries may seem counter-intuitive for kids in a culture of couch potatoes, but some of the resources make a true impression.

Are you ready to strip down your food and get started eating naked?


Great round up of advice!  Tomatoes are killer for me and I have only just begun to really look into GMOs.  Thanks for the info!


A great lineup of articles about real food! Still trying to identify any GMOs in our pantry/frig.

Anna@Green Talk
Anna@Green Talk

Yes,  Says the obsessed vegetable grower!  Great article. Sounds like we might need a webinar on food.


Oh my goodness.....those can you feed them toxic foods? How can we protect these precious commodities from harm? It's always a struggle, isn't it? Thanks for including these  safe alternatives to eat toxic-free and eat naked. You got me on the title too. Thanks for the resourceful links.