Weekend Reading Link Up

link up green sisterhoodI know at least three new moms and five more who are expecting.

Yes, I hang with young mamas to keep me young. :P

New babies make me want to have one more … for one second. And then reality smacks me in the head and yells me to wake up. Seriously, I’m happy with the darling two kids I have, thank you very much.

Healthy Nursery


If you are expecting though, you have to read these awesome tips on “Healthy Nursery” by Eco-Novice. That post was the most read post from last week’s link up. She had me on the photo of the sweet sleeping baby.

Dirty Restaurant Secrets


The second most read post was my “Dirty Secrets from Restaurant Industry” post. Now, before you start attacking me with the butcher’s knife, it was written to tell the honest truths from a few industry experts. I’m sure there are many restaurants that are ethical and much cleaner than the examples in the post. But just be aware of the industry’s standard of doing business so you know what to expect. There are ALWAYS exceptions out there, just like any other businesses.

Anyway, here is this week’s weekend link up. Got some juicy posts to share?

We would LOVE to read ‘em!

Link up below and remember these rules.

1) Green or eco-friendly living related posts only.
2) No processed foods recipes.
3) Green crafting tutorials
5) Spread the love and share this post.

P.S. Link up expires on Friday, Midnight, EST.

Have a great weekend reading!


Great reading material for the weekend! Thanks!


That hair color! But I can't leave a comment in your post. So I'll leave it here. I said, 


You have balls to get the pink streak! I'm chicken when it comes to coloring my hair. But I use Herbatint for occasional grey covers. My hair dressers tells me I need "coating". I'm guess she means highlighting. I just haven't had the time to sit in a hair salong for that long. I just dab some Herbantint on my head and work.  But with the recent hair color causing cancer, I'm wondering if I should let go and leave my grey alone. Still deciding....


Thanks for being honest about "Did I have to bleach the crap out of my scalp for that light blonde? Yes, yes I did. Is that probably great for my hair? Probably not." I thought you were going to way everything you did was safe and ok to do. 


What we do for beauty......:)