Perfume for Babies by Dolce Gabbana

child-with-perfume-bottlesLead in lipstick is bad enough. Formaldehyde in lotions is just as  bad.

Now, Dolce Gabbana is making perfume for babies, just in case you need to cover up  the sweet baby’s breadth and delicious skin smell with synthetically derived chemicals.

What is the fashion world coming to?

According to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, “Babies are especially susceptible to the dangers of toxic chemicals in fragrances and other personal care products. Early life exposure to toxic chemicals that mimic hormones can contribute to early puberty in girls and may have long term impacts that manifest later in life, including an increased risk of breast cancer and other cancers.” 

So what is this fashion giant and Proctor and Gamble, the parent company, are trying to do?

Read what Nature Moms thinks about this urgent issue.

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Image courtesy of Nature Moms.


Thanks for including me in your list. Honestly, why do babies need perfume?