Keeping Healthy, Green & Sane in February

February Blahs

February Blahs.

February is one of those months that either you are trying to stay healthy or going on a vacation or counting the days until Spring.

Me?  I long for Spring and was so sad when I heard Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  Six more weeks of Winter.

But despite Phil’s prediction, my green sisters are keeping busy keeping us healthy, curing the February blahs, and fighting the good causes.  Even some were struck by Cupid’s arrow and are in love.

Keeping Us Healthy in February

Tiffany of Nature Moms reminds us it is time to get rid of the soda addiction after the recent death of a 31 year old woman due to her daily soda consumption. True. Tiffany offers the following alternatives to drinking soda.  Be sure to see her kombucha recipe listed in the article.

Jen of Jen and Joey Goes Green used apple cider vinegar to help heal her infected toe.  The results are astonishing!  I am surprised National Enquirer didn’t pick up the story.  (Honestly, I can’t lie.  Her toe looks much better.  Check out the pictures.)

Although with the flu and cold season upon us, bleach is not your friend.  Alicia of The Soft Landing lists alternatives to bleach ideas.  Love the half of lemon and salt idea for shower doors.

How many of you find that you have headaches being cooped up inside?  Well, Karen of ecokaren found a clever natural alternative to banish her headache.  She  used peppermint toothpaste.  No fooling.  Check out what her dog thought of her experiment.

Sweets Help to Cure the Feb Blahs

If you get that blah February feeling, who says that chocolate is only for Valentine’s Day?  Stephanie of Good Girl Gone Green features five scrumptious vegan chocolate recipes.  The almond bark chocolate recipe is to die for.  (Oh, Stephanie, when should I expect my care package?)

Truth be told, I love cookies.  When I read Emily of Random Recycling’s Cranberry white chocolate chip cookie recipe, I started to salivate.  White chocolate chips? Seriously? I swear my hips just got one inch wider.

Love is In the Air

Green Diva Meg  got personal about her first date with the Ford C-Max Energia, a plug-in hybrid. People Magazine reports they are still an item and it might be serious.

When the Tough Get Cold, They Go on a Cruise

Speaking of first dates, Paige of Spit that Out tells us how to stay green and healthy on a cruise.  Rumor has it Paige is one fierce Bingo player.

On the Activism Front

What would Green Sisterhood be without our activists?

  • Be sure to support Lori of Groovy Green Livin’ petition to require Disney to remove  toxic chemicals from their Spiderman and Princess lunch boxes.
  • Kudos to green sisters Diane of the Big Green Purse and Tiffany of Natures Moms who marched  in the Forward on Climate Rally with friends Ronnie and Dominic of Moms Clean Air Force and Harriet of Climate Mama. See Moms Clean Air Force’s pictures here and Diane’s story here.
  • Support  the petition of Katy of Non-Toxic Kids who is asking  for the makers of Expo markers to take back their products for recycling.
  • And how can I forgot?  Don’t forget my petition.  Be sure to keep the pressure on the FDA to reduce arsenic level in rice.

So, how have you kept healthy, sane and green during February?

First image by Kgnixer via CC from Flickr.

Jen @ Go Green
Jen @ Go Green

I just pinned the heck out of this post! So many great ideas. 

Trina Peruski O'Boyle
Trina Peruski O'Boyle

Fantastic tips! There are so many things I want to try....not sure what to do first. Keep the great posts coming!

Anna@Green Talk
Anna@Green Talk

Trina, we need to hear about some of your awesome meal plans. It is getting time for short shorts.

Anna@Green Talk
Anna@Green Talk

I am holding you to this and rest of the whole GSH community. Everyone, Stephanie promised!!!