Welcome to the Green Sisterhood

The Green Sisterhood is an online community providing a valuable wealth of content from passionate bloggers and leaders – a collective wisdom and experience of women, whose mission is to share their knowledge and expertise with others on sustainable and conscious living.

A Little Background

The Green Sisterhood was founded by veteran green bloggers and social media savvy Anna Hackman of Green Talk and Karen Lee of Ecokaren.

The members of Green Sisterhood blog about their green journeys on their own websites, and gather here to share and present to a wider range of regions. Our goal is to create a community that supports and encourages your growth – wherever you are on the green spectrum. We want to empower you to change the world, your family, your community.

No feat is impossible, no act is too small. And you are not alone!

Learn How to Be Green

Our network of green experts enjoys educating people about how to reduce, renew, and recycle easily.  You can look forward to top-notch green tips, tutorials, reviews and eco-news to help you make small changes for big impact.

We hope you’ll join us in learning how to improve your family’s health and save money while changing the world along the way!

Connect with Us

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